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Friday 8 October 2021

Camino de Santiago 6 - Los Arcos to Logroño (Electric wheelchair style)


This was to be my last day on the Camino so I left at dawn for a head start to the day. The countryside was similar to yesterday, arable fields, scrubby woodland and small villages connected by good footpaths

I breakfasted in in a Torres del Rio and came across this unusual 12 century church with 8 sides
12th century octagonal church

Today marked the end of Navarra and into the famous wine growing region of  La Rioja

The route was mainly on footpaths rather than agricultural tracks which was mostly ok with some exceptions. Having previously worked as a countryside ranger I have been responsible for constructing and the maintenance of many paths. Successful builds are about the management of water as erosion so easily destroys paths

Over the last few days I have discovered a method for negotiating obstacles that are either too steep, too rocky or just too narrow for my wheels. Genny wheelchairs have a riderless balance mode that is integral to the Segway core. This provides some assistance whilst not sitting on Genny and I frequently use this whilst loading my wheels up ramps into my van. It offers some drive capability but has low power when negotiating difficult terrain. Putting my wheels into slow mode (4mph, 6.5kmh), activating the seat switch so it behaves as though I'm sitting on it, and pushing from behind whilst steering gives me great power as well as control. I have become adept at this method and providing I have the energy to keep it all together, I'm overcoming all sorts of difficult terrain. If it all goes wrong I just release the seat down switch  

This magnificently built bridge offers pilgrims safety across the road, unless of course you are on a wheelchair. The addition of some planks was obviously an afterthought for cyclists. A short detour and a mad dash across the road was the final obstacle before reaching the small city of Logroño

Crossing the bridge to the city of Logroño

This was to be the end of my Camino adventure for 2021. After getting my credentials stamped at the tourist office I headed for the bus station looking for a ride back to Puente la Reina where my VW was parked

Camino credentials

Your credentials work like a Camino passport and you get them stamped along the route to demonstrate and record your progress. I understand they are inspected at Santiago before you receive your Compostela or certificate of completion. There is something uniquely satisfying about this document and I will treasure it, keeping it safe till I'm back in 2022