Saturday 28 September 2019


Bonificio is an ancient town built on the southern limestone cliffs next to a fantastic natural Harbor. It bears a similarity to Mdina in Malta but is about 1000 years younger dating to 800 AD

It's ancient buildings are made from the local stone, many carved into the rock itself. Having my wheels enabled me to access the town surprisingly well and there was only a few bits inaccessible to me. It would of course be different if I wanted to enter some of the shops and restaurants but there is a lot happening on the street. I was able to see the sights and eat ice-cream

Corsican mountain villages

The central mountainous areas of Corsica have a mass of charming villages terraced into the hillsides

Friday 27 September 2019

Moments in Corsica

Iim not finding the time to do proper posts of my adventures and I'm coping with intermittent coverage so I will post some pictures with comments instead
Just off the boat a bit north of Bastia on the peninsula. The Italian island of Elba sits on the eastern horizon

Great shared use of a shed: funeral directors on the left, butchers on the right

Heading into the central mountains I came across this beautiful meadow filled with autumn squill and what I think are crocus.

That night I slept next to an old beech wood. I love the twisted roots and an underlying carpet of cyclamen

I found this lovely wasp spider in my van the next day. It must have come back on my wheels from my jaunt in the meadow

The view above the beech trees

Genny looking at 1600m

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Corsica Roadtrip

Jersey to Corsica is quite a drive. I love the way Google maps suggests it is 20 hours by car, 3 days on a bike or 10 days walking. It took me 48 hours followed by a 10 hour boat journey, but I took it leisurely

This has been my first proper road trip with my VW van and my wheels in the back. I have a roll-up mattress, one ring cooker and a Euro bank card

Driving through France was OK but poor weather. I took it easy, stopping loads and crashing in the back. It worked great but I'm not very organised with everything piled in as opposed to a converted sleeper

Arriving in Toulon (ferry port) with most of a day to spare was great with my wheels. Where normally I would be limited to 50m walks, I spent about 5 hours exploring the town and like it a lot
Toulon old town is now separated from the arbour

Like Jersey and a lot of coastal towns Toulon has largely separated itself from it Harbour by building inapproiate blocks of pile-em-high flats. I think this robs the town of its purpose. Moving away from the waterfront the old town is generally charming with twisting alleyways and limestone buildings. The town nestles between the sea and the limestone cliffs like a lot of Mediterranean towns. To me they look achient but I'm sure they aren't

There is good graffiti in Toulon

Toulon is full of interesting doorways:

Finaly the overnight ferry