Sunday 12 June 2022

Camino de Santiago 13 - Sahagun to León (Electric wheelchair style)

My final day on the Camino and I would complete the biggest stretch to date at 55km. My destination was León where I would bus it back to my VW van garaged in  Logroño

Leaving Sahagún early I encountered the stragglers from the previous evenings fiesta. The mood was good and I was cheered on my way

The morning after...

Starting through adobe villages and small towns the route was mainly adjacent to tiny roads through Bercianos del Real Camino, Mansilla de Las Mulas and Puente Villarente before entering the urban landscape of León

I ate up the miles on this increasingly urban route before rolling into León. This sort of journey is lovely on my wheels. Walking on hard pavements on a hot afternoon in town is not ideal with a heavy rucksack on your back however for my Genny Mobility wheelchair it is a natural habitat. One difference travelling by wheels is your dependence on pavement ramps. There is always a way up or down a curb however, with block after block and intervening streets the easiest way is not always the marked Camino route. Head down in a map on my mobile phone trying to regain the route I dropped down a large curb that tipped me over the handlebars. Although not particularly painful it is hard on my wheels and tends to get a lot of attention. Kind people want to help and someone upside down in a wheelchair is a magnet. In embarrassment rather than pain I dusted myself off and straighten my handlebars. The urban bits just needed getting through and with broad pavements and renewed attention I quickly reach the historic centre

León is a fantastic vibrant city on a summers day. I arrived to a chess tournament outside the cathedral and the streets were packed

The older parts of town were filled with cafes spilling onto the streets

The former City Hall in the Plaza Mayor 

Casa Botines - built by Gaudi in  1891

The majestic Cathedral Santa María de Regla de León

I stayed in the Hostel Quartiere in the heart of the old town which was the most gorgeous hostel. With the assurance of good accommodation sorted I set out to explore León

This was my final evening before returning to Logroño to collect my van and return home. After exploring the city I ate tapas and drunk cold beer on a street side bar and planned my return in October 2022


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