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  1. Hi David,
    Super blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with your Genny.
    I was wondering: do you have a "plan" showing how to (dis)mount the xroad kit ? I can't find one.

    It would be nice if you could write a post about all your advices/hacks/improvements you made on your Genny :)

    1. Firmin Hi - I added a page of modifications and improvements I made to my Genny. There are more to add but its a start. Let me know if any of this is of use and any thoughts you may have or issues you are dealing with.

      What I'm currently trying to figure is if the new updated Segway i2 SE will be a direct fit into the current Genny framework. If not it may be advisable to get hold of a second hand i2 for the future? With 4500 miles on my current batteries that is more than half way through their lifes and a new set is expensive. Maybe more economical to get a whole new Segway


  2. Firmin Hi - nice to hear from you

    Unfortunately I don't have the fat wheels kit on my Genny so can't help

    I can't imagine it is too difficult but you would probably need different Genny side panels and I imagine there are some segway mudguards that would need to be different as well

    I had thought about getting big wheels but I think it would limit me in shops and other smaller spaces. Most of my time is spent in a mix of conditions like on the bus or in town as well as out on the beach or in the countryside. There are few places I cant get too with the standard wheels except very light soft sand. In those conditions i have to jump off and push

    I like your idea about posting on the various modifications I have made that improve on the Genny experience. I have written to Genny with a list of changes I recommend and was thanked, but we will need to see the next release to see what has been adopted

    I will do a page with modifications in detail when I have time and will post you the link

    Genny is a great machine and I love being out on it. Even today down the beach I overheard a young girl telling her Mummy she wanted "one of those", and this is a wheelchair we are talking about

    I would love to hear your experiences as I have not spoken to another Genny user or seen another one except at the UK re-seller

    Will be in touch