Hi - if you want to contact me please leave a comment below

I am always happy to chat, especially technical stuff or if you are having problems with your Genny


  1. Hi there...
    I have a Genny and whilst its a brilliant wheelchair it just doesn't suit me/where i love etc. Would you have any thoughts on where i may be able to sell my Genny? Thanks

    1. In addition I would say keep it plugged in otherwise the batteries will die


    2. Hi - did you manage to find a buyer for your Genny, its just i may have someone interested?

      David :-)

    3. Hello Anon

      I hope you are well on this sunny day.

      I am a L1/T12 paraplegic.

      I am looking for a second hand Genny to buy to help me get around my farm.

      Have you still got yours? If it is for sale, in what condition is it?

      Call me on 07816880409



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  2. Sorry mate - thats a hard one to answer. Of all the people I have met and spoken to over many years, I seem to be the lone user. You are only the second Genny user I have been in contact with and the other was a referal from Genny Switzerland re a UK user who had a dead Genny through lack of use. After the news that Segway has finally decided to fold, recovering your outlay would be a big expectation I'm sorry to say

    I am currently trying to get hold of parts as I am expecting the newly formed Genny operation to fold if Segway is gone. It would be a brave punter to purchase a new Genny with Segway no longer in operation.

    I would consider asking one of the main dealers if they would sell it for you, or even internationally. There is a company in Germany who have a second hand Genny on their books here:

    Can I ask what didn't work for you with Genny?

    Hope to hear from you

  3. Hi, my husband is purchasing a Genny with duff batteries - he already has 2 segway batteries but doesn't have the third battery that runs the other parts of the chair. I just wondered if you would know where we could purchase this battery? He has been looking at your site and has found the information on it very helpful - thank you!
    Best regards, Christine

    1. Hi - I'm so sorry I didn't answer your query - I simply didn't see it. I'm sure you have solved your problem by now but if I can be of further help please don't hesitate


  4. I have a problem with the stand activation and it sounds possibly like the cogs are worn that lift the stand. Any idea on where to get spare parts? Thanks

  5. Hi - I have purchased parts directly from Genny Mobility. Do you know what you are after?
    My contact there is Nicolas Robert (

    I think he is French but has excellent English and I would call him direct at the factory number: +41919607050

    I have not had a reason to explore how the leg system works yet and would be very interested in seeing how you get on with the problem. Remember that if you desperately need to get the legs down you can drop one of the side handles. I did purchase a 'pit stop repair pack which is a service pack of common parts to replace and it did contain both big springs and a set of green disk friction pads that I think are connected with the leg system.

    It would be great to get a parts manual

    Please stay in touch - I would like to understand your experience

    Happy to talk if i can help


  6. Hi David.. I was just wondering if you could give me a quick call when you are free? I'd like to discuss an opportunity with Genny Mobility.
    My number is 07881 020276

    Best wishes,

    Brand Ambassador Genny Mobility (UK & Ireland)