Tuesday 29 November 2016

Genny takes to the skies

Apart from the temporary loss of my tablet through airport security all is going well

With plenty of warning and printed instructions BA have been great. They are obviously worried about the safety of the batteries and how to secure this odd shaped machine on wheels. It was a great relief to see it going up the conveyor belt into the belly of the plane

Reunited with my wheels at the aircraft door and off through the airport to the Gatwick Express. Delays then through London Bridge and on to Dartford

Lunch in an Italian cafe of chicken, bacon and avocado on ciabatta I made my way East for about 3 miles, over the M25 and to my hotel

I seemed to have picked the most remote part of London as there is nothing but warehouses and roads. I am here to visit the UK supplier of Genny Mobility wheelchairs and to try out traveling with my new wheels. I have chosen the coldest bit of autumn with clear sky and sun.

There is a huge 24 hour ASDA down the road so I'm out to look for a hot water bottle and some food

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  1. Love the blog David, keep it up! Enjoy seeing Jersey scenes in the backgrounds. Susie x