Wednesday 30 November 2016

Genny goes home and meets some friends

Today I met the UK distributation team for Genny Mobility products at there offices in Regus House, Dartford. It was great to see a number of Gennys, some with big wheels fitted, and others in a range of colours and styles

We fixed a small issue with my wheels in that my chair would slowly rotate counter clockwise and I got an new wheel fitted as one of mine had bent after falling off whilst loading it into the car

I was impressed in the UK distributation team, they were professional and able to help with the issues and queries I had. I discovered they sold quite a lot of chairs in the UK and I'm happy I went with the make and model I aquired

I spent the rest of the day in the Bluewater shopping centre which was mobbed. It was fantastic to be able to explore at my leisure and listen to Christmas carols sung by a school choir. I also found one of those fantastic sweet shops that sell from sweetie jars and got some hard Barratt's licorice that I love
Tomorrow is home

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