Saturday 12 November 2016

Genny goes to town

My first trip to town was eventful. All busses in Jersey have ramp access. The one I took was faulty and didn't work so with the help of the driver we lifted Genny in. Changing the setting to 4 mph I cruised the pavement and accessed many shops.

Generally I found it easier to park Genny outside if you are looking for things but Genny is also perfectly able to negotiate the aisles and displays. I feel cautious in a crowd and am aware that anyone leaning on me or pushing could send me off. In practice this is unlikely though as people make a bit of distance but with Genny so quiet, it is possible to surprise people. People trudging about town generally keep heads down and where I can be the centre of attention in the countryside or on the prom, it is easy to just fit in.


I have avoided the difficulties of town for about 5 years. Although I can do targeted bits like the optician the general concept of browsing and window shopping has defeated me. Maybe its a man thing but I now have to consider Christmas shopping again - is this progress?

Lovely to be in our beautiful Victorian central market again

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