Thursday 7 October 2021

Camino de Santiago 5 - Estella to Los Arcos (Electric wheelchair style)


Leaving Estella you come across the Irache Monastery and the famous Bodegas of Irache wine fountain

The sign on the right translates as "forbidden to drink wine to minors under 18 years"

Historically the monks received pilgrims with a glass of wine used as a restorative. In the 1990's this evolved into the wine fountain of Bodegas Irache. The fountain has taps for both water and wine and apparently the fountain is filled daily with 100 liters of young red wine to quench the pilgrim's thirst. You smell the fruity young wine as you approach. I understand the etiquette is to drink from your Camino scallop shell but I opted for a small bottle. There is a live webcam showing the fountain that can be reached from the link below the picture

Todays walk was a delight. After commencing in woodland, the landscape opens to tracks across gently rolling countryside with stunning views in the distance

Just before entering the village of Azqueta you pass this 13th centaury fountain built by the Moors
Fuente de Los Moros - Medieval fountain  

A stunning days walking finishing in Los Arcos

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