Tuesday 5 October 2021

Camino de Santiago 3 - Pamploma to Puente la Reina (Electric wheelchair style)

 "Where the path of wind crosses with the stars"

After my night back in France I drove my van to Puente la Reina. I wanted to backtrack as far as I could so I took a taxi with my wheelchair to Alto de Perdón which is a prominent ridge about halfway between Pamploma and Puente la Reina. This iconic landmark sculpture by Vincent Galbete, depicts a group of 10 pilgrims in steel on their way to Compostela. the inscription "Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas" translates to "Where the path of wind crosses with the stars"
Photo moment with Francois and Andy

This windy ridge commands spectacular views and is the site of many wind turbines. Its a photo opportunity and everyone lingers here. The descent westwards however was described as steep and rocky so I detoured by road to Uterga, joining the route again and on to Puente la Reina

The church opposite the Alberge showed nest remains from storks
I loved this little town and reconnected with the people I had traveled with from the start. I stayed in the Albergue Padres Reparadores where the host was willing to keep an eye on my van that was to remain parked opposite for a few nights.

I shared food that night with a team that included a Canadian pastor, A bright young Italian whose mother I spoke to, an elderly American with stock market tips and a Frenchman
There always seems to be an ancient bridge leading to the next destination

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