Friday 1 December 2017

Gone to Pieces

Instructions on repairing a Genny Mobility wheelchair that has a Segway fault and requires the separation of the Genny from the Segway base unit see the following page - HERE   


  1. Hi I'm also wheelchair user and I use Blumil (it's very similar to genny, base is Segw ay). I will flight with Blumil for the first time. I heard that Segway is not allowed. How do you flight with your genny? Had any problem on the airport?

    1. Hi - good to hear from you

      I was very anxious the first time I took my wheels away with me. I actually did a trial run on a short flight before being too adventurous.

      On my site I have a resources area with some downloadable travel documents ( Ask someone at Blumil if they can produce an "Acceptance for Travel Guidance" document for you based on the Genny one. If they won't - you would get away with producing your own - just make it look official. I have only flown British Airways and they have a section for detailing your chair when you book.

      I surrender my wheels at the gate which is great as I can make it up stairs and onto the plane. I will usually be met by someone who signes the chair off and what he wants to know is if there is a way that the chair is fully switched off. The Genny has 2 battery systems, a sealed 12 volt system for lights and legs down etc as well as the segway batteries. I have added an additional switch under the seat that kills everything Genny dead and they like that.

      I also don't talk about segways just call it a self balancing wheelchair

      David :-)