Friday 27 September 2019

Moments in Corsica

Iim not finding the time to do proper posts of my adventures and I'm coping with intermittent coverage so I will post some pictures with comments instead
Just off the boat a bit north of Bastia on the peninsula. The Italian island of Elba sits on the eastern horizon

Great shared use of a shed: funeral directors on the left, butchers on the right

Heading into the central mountains I came across this beautiful meadow filled with autumn squill and what I think are crocus.

That night I slept next to an old beech wood. I love the twisted roots and an underlying carpet of cyclamen

I found this lovely wasp spider in my van the next day. It must have come back on my wheels from my jaunt in the meadow

The view above the beech trees

Genny looking at 1600m

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