Saturday 9 February 2019

In the blue

I spend my days in Antigua either swimming or hanging out on the beach. This is not charistically my style as someone compulsively busy but it seems to work here. Moving from too hot in the sun, despite palm tree shade, to the cool blue waters is like coming home. As a race our evolution moved from the safety of the waters to the land and we cary the memory of the liquid womb. For someone with mobility issues, the supporting walm, salty water is a homecoming. Weightless is freedom

I always excelled at swimming just finding my element.  Moving through water is a meditation and warm saltwater is my ally. Antiguan waters are safe from strong currents and warm enough to spend considerable time in. I don't snorkel, I find the breathing laboured, preferring a simple eye mask that doesn't cover the nose, holding my breath

Lost anchor

The more time you spend in the sea the more you see. The anchor was lost from a friends boat and we hope to salvage it over the next few days

I am charmed by the turtles who make a living grazing the intermediate zostera beds. How they are sustained by such meager sustenance surprises me in their passage from egg to adult in this less than stable world

There seem to be several types of rays that visit these warm waters. Reminiscent or creatures from another universe they cruise the bottom to feed

Out beyond the safety of the reef the waters are clearer and the rise in energy supports a different range of species. Fan corals wave in the shallows whilst shoals of brightly coloured fish feed amongst the rocks

Beyond the natural Harbour made by the reef and to the east lies the 'Pilars of Herculese'. These beautiful limestone pilars are formed by the hydrolic action of the sea and are a challenging swim. They can also be reached by path but the best views have got to be from the perspective of the sea

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