Tuesday 18 December 2018

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Genny Mobility is up and running again

I Just spoke to someone in Switzerland who tells me the Genny company is working again. I was told that they are in the early stages of service training but that sales and service will resume shortly.

The company website is now working here: Genny Mobility

I think the factory is closed over the Christmas period but I have left an enquiry to include me on a Genny training course. I will update you when I hear back


  1. Have you heard any more news about Genny ?
    Have they survived or have they gone broke ?

  2. Hi - the last I heard was that Genny was still in production and the company was continuing to operate

    The issue has got to be that the core Segway, the power unit, has gone out of production. It is reasonable to presume that Genny Mobility may have a stock of Segways to build into Genny's however that has to have an end at some point and although they may change the power base to the NineBot, it will be another generation of Genny and a different machine.

    I have communicated with the manager Nicolas Robert who is French and very definite that Genny will continue. He is good to talk to and speaks good English. The telephone number is on the Genny website and his email is nicolas.robert@gennyfactory.ch

    I would think that if you wanted a Genny it would be a good time to get a second hand one. In my experience the Genny is a machine of 2 halves, the Segway base and the Genny chair. The chair has proved great and although I have had issues, I have always been able to resolve them (I am good at repairing things). As for the Segway core I think it will go on well into the future. It is such an iconic machine that there will be enthusiasts that keen them going like old cars. The bits that will require repair or replacement are the gearboxes and the batteries. There are options for gearbox repair (http://www.funkywheelchair.com/2020/05/gearboxes.html) and batteries are rebuildable as well as 3rd party replacements.

    I would think long and hard about purchasing a new Genny at this point however if I could get a second hand one for 5,000-7,000 GBP I would snap it up.

    Did you see my post here: http://www.funkywheelchair.com/2020/06/segway-folds.html

    Good luck and let us know how you get on