Saturday 10 February 2018

Antigua 2018

I can never sleep when I have an early flight. Up at 5am I had a lift to the airport, check-in at 6 to watch the sunrise from 18,000 feet

I am tremendously reassured to see my wheels go up the conveyer and into the hold. I have only ever once had a lost bag and even then it showed up but should my chair not make it, with the issues of lithium batteries etc. it would seriously floor my plans

Gatwick is great and with my 1 bag checked right through I get time for porridge and coffee

Anyone traveling assisted knows there is only so much choice about the plan. I got held up waiting for my wheels to be signed off as safe and was one of the last to board but would have plenty of time sitting to follow so that was OK

I eat and drink everything I'm given whilst flying to pass the time watching the aeroplane slowly creep across the moving map

Antigua at last and my daughter has rented a van to collect me. It a 45 minute drive across the island to Falmouth where I have the ground floor of a seaside house. Time to get a quick swim in before spicy fresh fish and rum and ting

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