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Since the demise of Segway back in July 2020 I have had a number of contacts from people wanting to either buy or sell their Genny chairs. I am not a trader, nor am I able to offer any quality control or recommendations however, as someone who loves their wheels and has an established web presence, I am happy to host a "Wanted / For Sale" noticeboard for second hand wheels. I will not be making money for this service

Without the continued production of the core Segway I don't see how these wheelchairs will continue in production. My hope is that since they are such a good concept design and so well made, they will continue to be used and traded. If I found a good second hand chair I would definitely get it even for the spare parts value. May they live forever

If you are looking for a Genny wheelchair or have one for sale please leave a message on this page and I will set you up with an advert. Hopefully we can develop some connections and together we can keep things going     


To get the ball rolling there are an amount of new and second hand Segway based chairs available from the German company PT Pro. I have used this company for spare parts in the past and they have always been great to deal with but not cheap.

PT Pro currently have Genny chairs available

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